my journey into the past …

I began researching my family tree more than ten years ago, only partly due to curiosity about my ancestors. I was also bored, and just happened across an advertisement for a free trial of So I signed up and fiddled around on the genealogy website for a few weeks — I was hooked. Before I knew it, I was ordering documents from the Ontario Genealogy Society; requesting photos on; following “Chatham-Kent Pictures of our Past” and “The East Renfrewshire Heritage Services” on Facebook; and sharing information and photos online with several newly discovered relatives. I should mention that my mother took part in an Elder Hostel (or something similar) program many years ago dealing with Ontario genealogy research, and passed on to me the publications she acquired there — very quaint by today’s standards — lists of farms, surnames, cemetery transcriptions — but this information most certainly helped me get started.

And then I took the DNA test. The results of that test were eye-opening and have enabled me to become acquainted with twigs and branches of my family tree previously unknown to me, and have inspired me to search out and maintain better contact with all my relatives.

We all think of many things we wish to be when we grow up, but I never thought I’d be a blogger, (For several years, I did actually think I would be a ballerina, but that’s another story.) Oh, of course I know I’m not really a blogger, and I’m sufficiently technologically challenged to find this blog stuff pretty difficult. (For example, I haven’t figured out how to distinguish between posts about my mother’s family and my father’s family other than just in the text.) But over the last several years of compiling what I refer to as my family narrative, I have found it increasingly frustrating to add newly discovered information, to share documents, to keep my relatives up to date, and to share information consistently. Maybe this format will be easier to manage — so far I know it will be fun!

So my plan is just to examine my tree’s twigs and branches, a few at a time, somewhat randomly. So let’s go!



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