The Pinkertons in Scotland

My third great grandparents were William Pinkerton and Martha Moore. They were married in 1839 in Barony Lanark, southeast of Glasgow on the River Clyde. According to the Censuses of Scotland 1841, 1851 and 1861, my third great grandparents were both born in Ireland – William Pinkerton in 1816 and Martha in 1821. The 1841 Census of Scotland tells us that they lived with their first child, Jane, in Hill Square, Barony, Lanarkshire. By 1851, the growing Pinkerton family had relocated to Eastwood, Thornliebank, Renfrewshire, west of Glasgow. And in 1861, the family lived at 34 Abercromby Street in Glasgow.

Until the middle of the 18th century, the economics of this region were based on agriculture. At that time, however, the textile industry exploded as huge fabric mills, print works and bleachfields came into being.

Thornliebank Print Works
The Time House at the Print Works

My third great grandfather William Pinkerton was a blue dyer and a calico dyer – jobs that required skill and experience.  Mill workers worked long hours with few days off. Conditions were dangerous and diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis were common.

calico factory
East Renfrewshire Calico Dying Facility, circa 1900


Such hazards did not seem to have a large impact on the Pinkerton family! William and Martha had nine children – the first born when Martha was 19 years old, the last born when she was 42. Jane was born in 1840, followed by great great grandmother, Margaret in 1842. Then along came seven more: James (born 1845), John S. (born 1847), Martha E. (born 1850), William (born 1853), Robert (born 1858), James Alexander (born 1860), and Louise Victor (born 1863). I believe that all but one of these children survived into adulthood. Not surprisingly, however, my third great grandmother Martha Moore Pinkerton died sometime between 1865 and 1869.

In 1869, my third great grandfather married Annie Ferguson in Glasgow. Annie was born in Campsie, Sterling in 1841. She was 25 years younger than her husband and just a few years older than her oldest step daughter. Jane! Annie and William had two more children, Andrew (born 1870) and Annie (born 1872).

There’s someone missing … what has become of my great great grandmother Margaret Pinkerton?



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