The Adventures of Susan Gee

Susan before her travels


Somehow or other, Susan Christian, a small town girl of African heritage, from Amherstburg, Ontario, decided to “pass” as white and made her way to Detroit where she was employed by a very prominent American family by the name of Newberry. John Newberry, a well known and respected admiralty attorney, was one of the earliest inhabitants of Grosse Pointe, Michigan, where he and other wealthy industrialist types built costly mansions. He was elected to the U. S. Congress in 1879 where he served just one term. His son, Harrie Robinson Newberry was Secretary and Treasurer of the Detroit Steel & Spring Works and served on the City Council.  Harrie and his wife, Harriet Dudgeon, had a daughter Gladys, born in 1885.

What exactly Susan’s role was in the Newberry family is a little unclear. According to Betty Kurkjian, Susan was a “cook/governess” and travelled with the Newberry family to France where she spent enough time to learn to speak fluent French. Bill Gee describes Susan as a “travelling companion” to Gladys Newberry, who was 22 years younger than her. Whatever the relationship, Susan travelled extensively with the Newberry family!

Harrie Newberry served the United States Department of State as charges d’affaires (or consul – general) in Constantinople and Madrid. On, I have found tons of passport and visa information for Harrie and his family, and although I have not found the same kind of travel documentation for our Susan, we know she accompanied her employers for some period of time between 1885 (when Gladys Newberry was born) and 1897 (by which time Susan was married and had had her first child).

Susan with Newberry
Susan Christian with her employer, Harriet Newberry during their time in Madrid?

So somewhere in her European travels, Susan Christian met a sailor named William James Gee. Again, there are a couple of versions of this story. Betty Kurkjian was told that Susan and William James met on a crossing to France on a ship on which he was a Chief Petty Officer. Bill Gee tells the story somewhat differently: “I’m more inclined to believe my Dad’s story that she was in Constantinople with the Newberrys when the British fleet came into port and the crew was given shore leave. We can only guess what happened next ….”


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