Garth, 1934, the High School Graduate

yearbook cover

One of the things I noticed looking though my parents’ high school yearbooks is that yearbooks haven’t changed very much over the last 75 years. Individual pictures of each student are followed by all the various clubs, sports and activities. Students sign one another’s books and promise eternal friendship. The seniors are quoted and predictions are made.  (Annoyingly, the student pictures in Garth’s yearbooks are not alphabetical and there is no index. And I notice that the building depicted on the cover of Garth’s 1934 yearbook is clearly NOT Pittsburg High School!)

Garth PHS 34

Eighteen year old Garth is bright and ambitious, and not particularly modest!

Garth 1934 indiv photo

He is, of course, a member of the Science Club, which has now become the Shulen Von Wissensehaft. (Garth did believe that German is the language of science!) All that surprises me here is that Garth is part of the photography department, but none of the disciplines represented in the club strike me as particularly up his alley.

Garth 34 science club

He looks quite serious!

Garth 34 science club


Garth was also a member of something called Hi – Y.


My favorite: Garth’s nickname is “Prof.” and his favorite expression is “Prove it.” Yep — that’s my father!

Garth 1934 yearbook prove it







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