Garth Johnson Thomas, College Junior

37 Kanza

The year is 1937, and as the world teeters on the brink of World War II, the young students at Kansas State Teachers College (or at least their yearbook committee!) seem caught up in anxiety and uncertainty. Just look at some of the text from the 1937 Kanza – some pretty intense stuff for a college yearbook:

Garth college 2

Garth college 3

Garth college 5
























Garth college 6















In 1937, my father was a Junior at Kansas State Teachers College in his hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas. Is it just me, or was Garth a very handsome young man?

Garth College Junior

Clearly still on his mission to become a great scientist, Garth was the President of Sigma Phi Mu, the honorary fraternity of science and philosophy.

Garth Collerge 37 Sigma phi

I imagine that Garth spent many hours in the state of the art Carney Hall, “one of the best equipped buildings of its kind in the state.”

Carney Hall.jpg

And finally, from the 1937 Kanza, the yearbook of Kansas State Teachers College:



beer parties



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